12 November 2011

My new store

Hello my friends and fans !

My shop 9th & Bloom has been  suddenly closed,
but  I'd like to inform you all  about my 
NEW SHOP Digital Crea.


Not all my products have been installed there ,  
but  rest my produkts will be coming soon.
Also, most of my  commercial products (90%), 
will only be available in the store CU4YOU.
Too, only in my shop CU4YOU find exclusive products for commercial use.

Hugs Agnes


jaycee51 said...

Good Luck & best wishes in you new store...love your designs!

Kristopher Gawron said...

Good luck on your new business! I'll be checking out your designs. Do you have a blog about your business? Maybe you can write your experiences in your venture.

Kristopher Gawron