13 September 2010

I have new colection papers CU vol.21 and free wins.

Heello :))) 
I know that you are waiting impatiently for news. So I hurry with a new collection of papers.
I fell in love in the painted timber. And you?  Do you like it? Please,
write me  what papers do you like?  Please give examples. 
And I will choose two people who win the collection papers CUvol.21.
I am inviting for the game. Here. Will be  the chance of winning

Promotons 25% sale 13 - 17 SEPTEMBER 

Papers CU vol.21 buy

1 comment:

Strawberries designs said...

No piękne kochana!!! Zresztą wiesz, że jestem fanka Twoich wszystkich papierów:) Pozdrawiam!